LAST UPDATED: 07 January 2022

Getting Started with the Unreal Engine

Nominal Editor leverages the power of the Unreal Engine game engine to give you full flexibility to create system-level simulations for your needs. To learn the basics of how to use the Unreal Engine, see the official documentation here. Nominal Editor allows users to use Blueprint coding to develop scenarios that simulate real satellite situations. The UE4 website has a number of easy tutorials to follow to understand the basics of the application.


Building Your Own Simulation

Learning the Unreal Engine and Nominal Editor at the same time can take some time. We have provided a series of documents that provide useful information on how to develop your own scenarios, build spacecraft and take full advantage of the power available to Nominal Editor. We encourage you to read the documents we have provided in these sub-pages. Additionally, if you would rather dive straight into some examples, see the Nominal Scenarios page for the installed examples.


Building Levels

This page gives documentation on how to structure your Unreal Engine levels to leverage the power of Nominal. We provide both written documentation and some videos showcasing how to develop scenes.

Universe System

The Universe system creates all celestial bodies in the scene and handles positioning all bodies in the scene. It is connected to the SPICE interface and is required to be connected in every single level. These documents outline all the functions available from the Universe to the user, and how to make use of what the Universe has to offer.

Hardware Manager

Some levels may want to make use of hardware integration. Nominal provides a new backend system that can connect to your hardware device, allowing for two-way communication between the simulation and hardware. The Manager document showcases how all of these functions can be used.

Spacecraft Actor

No simulation is complete without a Spacecraft. This document explains how a spacecraft can be added to the scene, what the available functions are and what all the parameters mean.